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Hello visitor :D
I don't think that Tumblr is defined by the amount of followers you have. It's just a way for me to express myself and post the things I like. :3
Basic facts about me:
* My name is May
* I live in Ontario, Canada
* I like watching food network, Dance Moms, cartoons and iCarly
* Hopeless romantic
* Relationship status: single. Heart is taken.
* I like to shop, watch movies, hang out with friends, draw, go to the beach, sing and listen to music
* I might come off as a girly girl from my posts but I do have my tomboy moments
* My favourite colour is lime green

Ask me stuff :3

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Act 1; Usagi Tsukino // Sailor Moon

"I wish I was Sailor V, then I wouldn’t have to go to school. Plus kicking some bad guy’s butt would be fun!"

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Shop Hhotaru - Pink + Blue Bows

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